Here is the Itinerary of my several months backpacking trip through Asia.

South Korea, the first step

My trip starts at the end of August 2013 in South Korea where I got some friends. I discover the fabulous korean food which is almost unkown in France unless you live in Paris.
From Séoul, I continu my trip in Busan stopping by Gyeongju, the former capital city of Korea. Then from Busan, I take a night ferry to Japan.


From West to East in Japan

I arrived in Shimonoseki on the far west of the main island of the japanese archipelago, Honshu. From there I will use my Japan Railway pass to travel with Shinkansens, the japanese high speed trains. Hiroshima and its tragic history, the beauty of Miyajima island, Himeji castle, Osaka et Kyoto temples are on my way. I end up travelling through Japan by stopping in Tokyo.

Surfing and hiking in Taiwan

I leave Japan by a flight to Taiwan. After few days with some Couchsurfing friends near the capital city of Taipek, I go exploring the north east coast looking for decent surf spots. I fall in love with the tiny village of Wei’Ao, the perfect place to get back to surfing in a friendly and laid back atmosphere. I enjoy my last days to explore the back country, especially the national park of Yu-shan.

Stop over in Hongkong

On the road again, I land in Hongkong for few days before taking a train to Guangzhou(Canton) in China.

One month lost in China

From Guangzhou, I take tow trains during two days to reach the north of Yunnan and its marvelous and fabulous moutains. The Potatso National park, the Tiger Leaping Gorges et and the Songzanlin monastery in the lovely and mysterious city of Shangri-la (Zhongdian) are making my stay unforgettable.
My month in China end up by Chengdu in Sichuan province and its famous giant pandas.


South-East Asia

From Chengdu, I fly to Siam Reap in Cambodia, near the famous temples of Angkor. I decided to not stay long in South East Asia because I am really interested into Philippines and find a good spot to surf. Therefore I limit the amount of places to visit during my stay in this part of Asia.
I leave Cambodia to Bangkok by buses and meet some of the friends I made during my first time in Thailand. I also follow a massage formation in a school during my stay.
Then I leave Thailand for Malaysia, met another friend in Kuala Lumpur. Since I can not surf on the eastern malaysian coast as I did planned, I go directly to Philippines.

The thousands islands of Philippines

In Philippines, after some troubles, I finally the perfect place to progress in surfing and live the daily surfer life in northern Luzon.
I pursue the discovery of this so friendly and hospitable country by the Island of Cebu in the centre of the country. I try there free diving, such a great and interesting experience. My next step in Philippines is surely one of the beautifulest on earth: the archipelago of Busuanga and especially the island of Coron. Another dream came true. I fell like beign in paradise there.

This is only a part of my trip and the articles available on this blog. Currently, I am still on the road travelling. New stories are coming up soon!


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