Tales from the Treehouse: The Beginning of Camiguin

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Tales from the Treehouse: Enigmata

Do you want to go to Camiguin?

What’s that?

It’s a beautiful place in Mindanao.

Isn’t it dangerous there? Back in France, it’s listed under dangerous places.

Not in all parts.

I might get kidnapped there. Hmm, is this your agenda? Kidnap me then ask for ransom? Because my mom will just tell you to keep me and pay you for it!

You’re racist!

Just kidding, sunshine. Tell me about Camiguin.

I’ve never been there. It has volcanoes, this island that only has white sand, a cemetery that’s sunken underwater we can snorkel to, ruins from volcanic eruptions, and lots and lots of springs. And, we can rent a motorbike.

Okay, you had me at the volcanoes.

Direction the ferry to Camiguin



It was noon when we reached the ferry that would take us to the island. It would be another two hours to reach Camiguin, a 30-minute jeepney ride to get to Mambajao, and a 650 meter uphill climb to arrive at Enigmata.

Almost arrived but the volcano is still in the clouds

Where will we stay?

My friend recommended Enigmata. It’s a treehouse! Looks very artsy in pictures. It’s only P1050/night for the two of us in their suite.

Wait, wait, wait. So you are inviting me to another tropical island where we can explore using a motorbike, see these sites, and live in a treehouse?


Book that shit.

Enigmata, the treehouse


The whole upper floor will be ours

Carrying our things to a 650-meter uphill climb at 3pm with no breakfast and lunch felt like a scene from Survivor. What’s mostly left unwritten or undocumented by travelers are the mishaps and mistakes that happen to them when they arrive in unfamiliar places. Ours was not asking the motorellas (tricycles) passing by to take us to Enigmata from where the jeep dropped us off. Such clueless folks we were.

We reached the treehouse with a sense of achievement and pride. Where was our flagpole, so we can officially mark this as our sort-of territory?

And out of nowhere, the cutest puppy ever began to follow us around. We checked in and the staff led us to the suite. We had no idea what to expect, and we were more than surprised that the Eagle’s Nest Suite was three floors high with a view area, wifi, its own CR, hammock, welcoming area, and overlooked the volcanoes and the sea!

We may have been knocked out tired, hungry, and thirsty, but one of the best parts of travelling would be these remarkable instances that leave you feeling you’re in the right place.


The whole house is made of wood, wines bottles and stuff

Hammocks are everywhere!


This article is a bit the House and Garden Decoration Ideas magazine of the blog


Giant chess game


Hansel, the fierce and proud guardian of Enigmata

View from the tower of our room


Don’t you agree? 🙂

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