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My decision is taken, it is time to Travel!

Un petit café et on y vaOne last coffee, and lets go

Travelling solo for a year

My name is Brian and I am 26 years old. One day, I decided to leave. Take some fresh air for a while. Like months, or even a year. This idea was in my mind since a long time.

It starts with Couchsurfing

Three years ago, I moved in Toulouse for work. I heard about the Couchsurfing network before, but I never get involved in it until a new friend made me register. Since I was working, did not have much time to travel, I started to host people from different countries. Some of them are not just in vacation, they are long-term travellers, travelling months through Europe or even the whole world.
While hosting them and making them dicsovering my lovely city, I realize that this old dream of long term travelling is doable. If they can do it, I can as well. After all, I am quite fluent in english, I lived one year abroad in Ireland and in Poland. Those last years, I did not make any long breaks between my studies, internships and now my new job. Except a three weeks backpacking trip in Thailand, two years ago with a good friend, my only trip outside Europe so far. I am young and do not have any wife or kids to take care of. Moreover I got some savings, thanks to free university in France and also because while working I was somehow still living like a student, sharing a flat, and so on.

It is time to go

Now is the time to make my dream comes true. I sold my old car, quit my job, bought a backpack and said goodbye to the ones I love. In the end of summer 2013, I will fly to Seoul in South Korea. A one way flight and no return ticket for my first trip alone with only a backpack.

This blog is the best way I found to keep my little family and friends update about my trip.
Do not hesitate to contact me, give me some news or encourage me by writing a little something here: whereisbrian@mail.com
You can also leave a comment, it is free, simple and efficient.

Have a good time surfing on this blog!




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